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A Brief Disembowelment of Deplorable Trumpkin Talking Points (Alternative Facts Don’t Age Well)

America stands in the midst of an epidemic, a plague equally horrific in both its crippling cognitive damage and rate of transmission. This weaponized virus, known as Trumpkinism, lingers wherever willful ignorance flourishes, ravaging the brains of otherwise ordinary individuals until they are rendered completely detached from reality. While symptoms vary in severity according to the illness’s progression, all victims ...

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The Complete Guide to Launching a Freelance Writing Career — Part One: The Fundamentals

To make ends meet, an alarming number of over-qualified individuals are forced to take dead end jobs. Freelance writing offers these frustrated intellectuals a profitable alternative. However, the illusive nature of high paying gigs and the industry’s steep learning curve are enough to deter many aspiring freelancers. Quality assignments tend to be extremely rare in the early stages of a ...

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