August 31, 2014

Dear Obama: Sincerely, a Concerned Millennial

Every few decades, a political figure emerges that is capable of transcending Washington’s elitist, bureaucratic bullshit. Individuals with such conviction, such strength of character that they are willing to sacrifice their careers, even their own lives for the greater good of the nation. Unfortunately, Obama isn’t one of these politicians. Considering he was the first person I ever voted for, it pains me greatly to admit it, but the Oval Office has rendered him a robotic, mediocre shell of his former self. For this reason, I decided to write him a little letter.

Dear Mr. President

People love the idea of “change”, and without question, it’s essential to long-term prosperity. Be that as it may, very few individuals possess the fortitude to see it through. On New Years Eve, for example, masses of people from all walks of life will anxiously gaze at the clock, vowing to forever alter the course of their existence the second it strikes midnight. Sadly, the majority of these resolutions will prove to be as fruitful as your campaign promises.

To be fair, you were up against Fox News sensationalism and unbridled hatred from day one. With that said, the undeniable racism and insanity of right wing extremists served you well, effectively ensuring that you never faced any real competition. In all reality, history presented you with the opportunity to go down as one of the greats, and despite your lack of a formidable political opponent, you chose to take the safe route and cater to the status quo.

This is tragic, because I firmly believe that America was(and still is) headed towards another cultural revolution. However, there is one key difference. Unlike hippies, millennial activists are armed with technology and courage. You could have led us to an age of progress and re-birth, but to our horror, you lacked the spine required for true “change.”

Obama Not Kennedy

A Generation Betrayed

An entire generation of Americans forced to bear the burdens of their greedy predecessors, groomed for mediocrity and passively squandering vast potential. Mr. President, this is my demographic. We are young, tech savvy, and of course, hopelessly unemployed. A master of oratory, your words inspired such hope in 2008. We naively believed that we were ushering in a new era of prosperity, with a youthful president hell-bent on renewing the American dream. We wanted Kennedy, and instead, we got Carter. Actually, now that I think about it, at least President Carter had the integrity to take risks for his ideals. What have you put on the line for progress?

Surrendering to Corporate Overlords

Full of piss and vinegar after being sworn into office, you vowed to hold accountable all the sociopaths responsible for causing the greatest financial meltdown of our time. You certainly talked a big game, but at the end of the day, no criminal charges were ever filed. In fact, you became a mouth-piece for the “too big to fail” myth, wielding your silver tongue to save the banking cartels from the self-destruction they deserve.

After dulling our senses with fear and false promises, you then proceeded to place Wall Street yes-men in key positions, allowing the banksters to ensure their heist would go off without a hitch. So while Occupy Wall Street protests raged all across the country, you serenaded us with sweet nothings, knowing full well that when it comes to the demands of the 1%, resistance is futile.

Uncle Sam Records My Sexting

For a man that launched his political career condemning the injustices of the Bush administration, it’s disheartening to watch you preserve and expand the power of the executive branch. Even more unsettling, you’ve overseen and approved domestic spy programs that are capable of making Dick Cheyney get a hard-on. As a result, here I am, a young writer gifted with access to unlimited free publishing, knowing that if I ever get too creative with my wordplay, there is a real possibility that I could become another victim of the NSA’s boredom.

Your hard-line stance on Edward Snowden reveals your true nature as a man who’s let the system corrupt him completely. You are nothing more than the by-product of a soul sucking machine, and quite frankly, I’m convinced you resent Snowden for being the hero you always wanted to be. Let’s face it, he did what you lacked the courage to do. He placed his own future on the line for the sake of personal liberty. Meanwhile, all you’ve done is sweet talk us into giving it away.

Killed by Compromise

Obamacare is the embodiment of a good idea ruined by too much compromise. It had so much promise, and for awhile it appeared as if the long and turbulent battle for a first world health care system would be finally won. Optimism, however, is a dangerous emotion in our failed social experiment. As always, your party dropped the ball, cowering to scary poll numbers and Tea Party rhetoric. Now, the GOP has you exactly where they want you, irreversibly linked to a cumbersome, dulled-down government program. Although you’ve won a second term, your legacy will be ripped to shreds, and even your most loyal supporters will be too jaded to defend it.


You have revealed to an entire generation that voting doesn’t work. Republican, democrat, it really makes no difference. With the two-party system preventing real choice and corporations transforming politicians into prostitutes, liberty is destined to forever remain comatose. Oh well, as long as Americans are kept fat, entertained and fighting amongst themselves, I suppose there is no reason for you to be concerned.

Note to My Readers: I’m sure you’ve noticed that has taken on a more political overtone. The reason for this is quite simple. I spend at least 8 hours a day writing corporate copy. My blog is an outlet for writing that I care about. I appreciate the readership I’ve developed over the last several months, and I hope you’re willing to embrace this change in direction.

About the author  ⁄ Aiden Wolfe

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    January 9, 2014

    Awesome article Aiden! I think that point you made about Snowden was spot on.
    Obama’s first campaign certainly tried to portray him as a genuine hero in the mold of MLK. Clearly, this is something he isn’t, and he sees someone who is – Snowden – and as you say, the resentment grows.
    Let the NSA read you r articles and stick the middle finger up at them while they’re doing it.
    Great stuff!

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    May 11, 2014

    The disappointment felt in the US with Obama is the same as that felt in the UK after Blair; Blair also suffering an avarice bordering on insanity. In defence of Obama, his hands were securely tied the day he went into office. It is my belief that on the first day two men in black suits with cropped hair appeared at the Oval Office to tell the Chief not to worry: your family is safe. We will be watching you at all times and, to repeat, Mr Obama: your family will be safe.

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    August 16, 2014

    Great article! I knew we were in trouble when the bust of Winston Churchill was returned to England. I take great care in who I vote for because of my faith base. I vote “issues.” Obama promised change and that he has done! I don’t care how old The Constitution is, it is the FOUNDATION of this country, and like a house , if, that foundation is destroyed the house will fall. Because something is old you don’t destroy it. It holds valuable truths and knowledge that have been built on. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is what you do with what you know. Obama does NOT speak the truth or for the American people. He speaks for “special interest.” that go against the moral fibers of what this country has stood for, for as long as it has been. To me he has sold out our Nation, our values, our future generations along with the safety of every man, woman and child that America is home to.

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